The New Year

The New Year

A curious thing about the Church is the number of occasions we use to celebrate the “new year.” Our liturgical year begins with the first Sunday in Advent, usually late November or early December. January 1st is the new beginning for our ministry spending plan and our financial life together. Pentecost Sunday, which is the “birthday”of the Church, always has a “new year” feel to it. But if you asked almost anyone when the new Church year really begins, I’ll bet they’d choose Labor Day weekend or the Sunday after, as fall programs re-awaken and our parish calendar falls back in sync with the school calendars. I’ve learned to love the beginning of September as a time when the congregation’s weekly disciplines of worship and service are renewed and reaffirmed.

We have so much to look forward to in this new year! God seems to be surrounding us with opportunities for engagement with our community. Guests and visitors find us to be welcoming and our worship to be deeply satisfying. Our council and ministry teamsare leading with a positive spirit and an openness to enabling new ministries. God is moving us in a faithful direction.

In this 2019/2020 ministry year may we be renewed and refreshed for the ministry God has appointed to us – to be the people and the place where the world encounters the presence of the Risen Christ!

Your partner in ministry,

Pastor Paul