Our Lenten Journey – God Provides

Our Lenten Journey - God Provides

Dear Saints of God at Ebenezer,

As a teenager I frequently made a drive from our home in Oak Ridge, Tennessee (eastern part of the state) to a place on the Cumberland Plateau about an hour west. Two things were there – a church camp where I spent four of my high school and college summers, and a vacation spot that was a family favorite. Most of my best young adult memories reside in one of those two places. Though familiar and long, the drive itself was more of a joyful ritual than a tedious chore – each mile seemed to have a happy memory or a beautiful vista to enjoy.

We’re about to travel together, as a congregation, along one of our most welltraveled and familiar routes – the Lenten journey with Jesus to Jerusalem and the cross. This will be my 58th trip as a Christian, and my 29th as a leader in Christ’s Church, and I’m amazed that while the itinerary never changes the scenery becomes even more meaningful each year. Each sign, milepost, and familiar face is both a reminder of our sacred history with one another, and a promise of what God will do next. The gift for me this year will be traveling this journey with the people of Ebenezer for the first time. As we anticipate, grieve, and at last celebrate, God will certainly breathe new life and purpose into our ministry together.

On the Sundays in March our GodVerb, “God Provides,” will accompany our familiar Lenten themes. And throughout Lent we will worship with Holden Evening Prayer on Wednesday evenings in our Chapel. I invite you to commit yourself – fully and deeply – to our shared journey through the season of Lent.

In Christ’s Peace,

Pastor Paul