Koinonia and The Sense of Belonging

Gathering at Ebenezer

Two apostles walk into a Jerusalem coffee shop. Paul says, “Now that Jesus sent us out to change the world, I’m going to help people believe like Christians.”
James says, “Nah, I’m going to help them behave like Christians.”
Peter overhears and joins in, “Believing or behaving like Christians? No need to argue, fellas. It’s also about belonging as Christians!”

These apostolic coffee mates tell us an important truth. Christian faith and Christian behavior are important, but so is “belonging” to each other as Christians. “…so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another.” (Romans 12:5) Early on, as in the Acts of the Apostles, the followers of Jesus spent meaningful time together and broke bread with one another with glad and generous hearts (see Acts 2:4247).

“Koinonia” is a good word to describe that sense of belonging. With such deep fellowship their faith in Christ and their Christlike behaviors were visible to a waiting world, which observed, “See how those Christians love one another.” A strong church is one that experiences deep “belonging” like that.

Our outreach team would like to offer a taste of Koinonia in the spirit of early believers in the Acts of the Apostles– fellowship and food, even other than in the church “meeting place.”

The first “Koinonia belonging” event is set for Thursday evening, May 25 at the home of Bill & Reenie Frew, 837 Kinlock Court, Columbia, 29223 (Spring Valley), 6-9 pm (come and go as you like).

Their place has lush gardens and fountains, and plenty of indoor space, too. Perhaps you already know how Bill loves to cook and entertain, so there will be good food and drink. Bill says, “my true and heartfelt offering is to extend and share that which I have been so blessed to have…and enjoy the embrace of a congregation that is without boundaries for the expression of love for their community and our beloved Ebenezer.”

If you’d like to experience the “Koinonia of belonging,” please RSVP to the church office as follows: doliver@ebenezerlutheran.org or 803.7659430. Directions available upon request.

Note: the Outreach Team has scheduled similar events on the 4th Thursday from now through October, including July’s cookout at Camp Kinard for the closing of Disciple Camp.

-Pastor Mel