Green Season

Green Season

In the church season we’re in now, “Time after Pentecost,” the paraments on the altar, pulpit and lectern are green, a symbol of growth. The Gospel lessons tell us of the teachings and miracles of Jesus, that we may grow in faith and discipleship. This “green season” begins in early June, and carries us through the summer.

At Ebenezer, children are granted a summer break from Sunday School, but fantastic opportunities for growth are offered just the same. Look at these:

1. Growth through Sunday morning worship – the Bible is read and proclaimed, hymns and songs and sacraments are shared, the love of God is felt, and faith and family are treasured. Growth happens!

2. Growth through Vacation Bible School (VBS) – dedicated volunteers and eager children pool their energy, laughing and learning, playing and singing throughout the Parish Life Center. Growth happens!

3. Growth through Disciple Camp – as has happened for 23 years. Ebenezer’s Disciple Camp crowned the summer when resourceful volunteers, committed parents, excited campers and their counselors created new memories this summer. Growth happens!

This “green season” of growth continues through the fall, even as cooling breezes and the colors of autumn begin to show. Sunday School begins again. Worship on Sunday mornings continues. Scriptures, sermons, hymns, songs and sacrament are shared, the love of God is felt, faith and family are treasured anew, growth happens.

Don’t fail to notice the green paraments on altar, pulpit and lectern. It is the “Time after Pentecost,” a special time for growth in faith and following the ways of Jesus.

-Pastor Mel