Funerals & Interment

Ebenezer Lutheran Church Memorial Garden

Ebenezer offers two distinct areas for honoring the remains of loved ones.  The Columbarium or the Memorial Garden, both located on the church grounds, are quiet and peaceful places for meditation, prayer and remembrance.

Jesus said, “Because I live you also will live.” -John 14:19

Ebenezer Memorial Garden

Cremation, and the scattering of remains, is a faithful way of honoring the memory of a loved one and friend given to us in relationship by God who is the author of all life.  The church offers the ashes back to the same earth from whence humanity was first created (Genesis 2:7), trusting in the power of God to raise us even now.

The Ebenezer Memorial Garden serves as a ‘holy place’ set apart in the midst of the city.  Here the saints in light once toiled to share God’s gracious good news, and now rest until the coming of Christ on that great and glorious day.


Ebenezer Columbarium

The Columbarium at Ebenezer is located on the east side of the Sanctuary. It is a series of niches for the placement of urns containing the cremated ashes of loved ones or family members. Ebenezer offers the reservation of niches, which like cemetery plots, provide a planned place for life’s end. Niches are also available (at this time) for use at time of need. The inurnment on the church grounds is a part of the comfort of our faith in the resurrection, the life everlasting and the church triumphant.