From Vicar Ashton

From Vicar Ashton


This July marked the beginning of the fourth year that our family has spent in Columbia. We sold my car, left our jobs, packed up and moved to “famously hot” Columbia to begin Summer Greek in 2016, and two weeks later, Jennifer and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary by taking our Greek I final together. (We both passed!!)

In the years since, we have had many joys and sorrows, gains and losses, much learning and growth. In my short time at Ebenezer, that learning has deepened and many of the things I learned in Seminary have left the realm of theory and become experience. By agreeing to be my internship congregation you have become a part of my process, a part of my learning. You have opened your lives and your hearts to me, not as a silent observer, but as a sojourner, sharing your joys and sorrows, gains and losses; your learning and growth. This internship, like the Christian life in general, is not a spectator sport, but an immersive experience. We are in this together.

Yours in Christ,

Vicar Ashton