Communion at Ebenezer

Communing at the Table of the Risen Christ

All worshippers are invited to partake of the Eucharist at Ebenezer, regardless of denominational affiliation. During communion, you may come down the center aisle and either kneel or stand at the rail in front of the altar, and take the bread and dip it into the cup of wine. Gluten-free wafers and grape juice are offered to meet dietary restrictions. If you have limited mobility, please alert an usher and communion will be delivered to you at your seat. Any who do not wish to receive communion may fold their arms across their chest to receive a blessing at the altar.

Children and Communion

At Ebenezer, a decision about first communion is shared by parents, pastor, and baptized child. When a child expresses readiness to begin communing at the Lord’s Table, please contact the pastor, who will arrange a meeting. Normally, a child may begin communing immediately thereafter. Formal communion instruction is offered each spring at Ebenezer for children up to fifth grade. Confirmation students also receive communion instruction as part of their catechetical experience.

Questions? Call the church office at (803) 765-9430.

The date & time for class for this year will be announced soon.