Caught Being Good

Ebenezer Lutheran Church Youth Columbia, SC

Dear Saints of God at Ebenezer,

When our boys were in elementary school they would occasionally bring home a certificate that said “Caught Being Good,” detailing a moment when they were prepared for class, or quiet during quiet time, or helpful to someone. Remembering my own childhood when teachers were on the lookout for bad behavior, I liked the idea that their teachers were looking for opportunities to celebrate kindness and generosity. The certificate also reminded me of one of my seminary professors whose favorite expression was “no good deed goes unpunished.” Isn’t that one way to understand the passion story? That Jesus was “caught” embodying God’s goodness?

There are moments in our congregational life when God “catches” us being our best selves. I love those moments. The moments when we surround the discouraged with our love and support. The moments when we pass the legacy of faith along to our youngest members. The moments when we embody hope and continuity for those who are bereaved. The moments when we show our compassionate heart and welcoming spirit to our community. The moments when we are sincerely and completely caught up in the joy of worship. The moments when we disagree with each other in mutual respect and love. These are the moments that God uses to show the world what it means to be the Church.

The radiant light of Easter dawn reveals God’s best self, but it shows us our true selves as well. Let us live and minister together with confidence in God’s dream, in the joy and beauty of God’s resurrection life!

In Christ’s Peace,

Pastor Paul